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About Red Wing Digital

Come to work everyday and be ready to work.

It is as simple as that and it neatly summarizes the work ethic here in the upper Midwest.

Red Wing Digital is a company that grew out of Red Wing Framing & Fine Art Printing, which in turn grew out of Red Wing Framing Gallery. Each time the business grew, it was in a focused direction, but it is always about the passion for the visual world.

We are proud of the product that we deliver.

We take continuing education and industry standards very seriously and approach our business with professionalism.  We also like to have fun and experiment with fresh ideas and are not afraid of making mistakes.

Our specific backgrounds include engineering, finance and sales, but it is the allure of the visual that we are passionate about.

Your upbringing and values dictate what you have to do when you have to do it, but your passions and areas of sincere interest will eventually be the principle motivation.

We like to think we are pretty good at what we do, but a person can always improve.

Check out our framing web site at: Red Wing Framing & Fine Art Printing.