The dirty little secret...

In two weeks, Red Wing will host another major concert event at the Red Wing Central Park Band Shell.  This year it will headlined by Marcia Ball (rockabilly blues) with BeauSoleil (Louisiana foot-stomp cajun).  As in the past, it will lively and over the top fun.

The Red Wing Central Park Band Shell is a remarkable building in a city of remarkable buildings.  It was a gift to the city from The Jones Foundation and was built in 2009.  As an outdoor performance venue it perfectly compliments the Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts is as an indoor venue.

This seems like a good opportunity to share a timeline of the Red Wing Central Park Band Shell.

04-2009 Band Shell

This is from April 2009.  About four months off pre-erection activity happened up to this point.  The Band Shell is noted for it's distinctive 'Lisa Simpson' shape.

May 2009 Band Shell

In May, 2009 the Band Shell still looked a long way from it's inaugural scheduled date of July 4th, 2009, despite the steadfast oversight by the local citizenry.

July 2009 Band Shell

Here is the finished Red Wing Central Park Band Shell, still with that new car smell.

July 4th, 2009 Band Shell

The Band Shell opened on time and on schedule on July 4th, 2009.  It's inaugural events were The Friends of the Sheldon Phoenix Theater (selected scenes from 'The Fiddler on the Roof'), A Roomful of Blues, Rosanne Cash and The Sheldon Theater Brass Band (shown here). 

The last act was especially moving because the final performance was Tchaikovsky's '1812 Overture', complete with real cannons.  Then every church bell in town began ringing in chorus and it was very, very moving.

August 2010 Band Shell

In 2010, Buckwheat Zydeco brought his unique accordion-fueled zydeco brand of music.  It was very upbeat and there was lot's of dancing in the park that evening.


And now for the dirty little secret; I confess to having scratched my initials in wet cement somewhere within the Band Shell structure. 

There. And now I can stop living in shadows.