Flyway Film-lg

Flyway Film Festival 2011

Pelecanus erythrorhynchos is the name of the original etching that Gaylord Shanilec created that this fine art print is based on.  Gaylord is based out of Stockholm, Wisconsin and his talent speaks for itself.  His work can be found in museums and private collections all over the world and his web site can be located here.

The 2011 Flyway Film Festival promises to be bigger and better this year.  To begin with, they are flush with marketing cash to help promote the event. 

Ok, 'flush' is an exaggeration.  But they do have a real marketing budget this year. The Wisconsin Arts Board blessed them with a very generous grant to make marketing things happen.

Secondly, the quality and quantity of the screened films improves each year and this year will be no exception.

And finally, there is no substitute for passion and Rick Vaicius is nothing if not passionate about this event.  It is his vision and energy that have brought it to this point.

We are proud to sponsor this event and enjoy being involved with whatever talent and services we can provide. We are especially delighted to provide the large format printing and the limited edition fine art prints.  Visit their web site and learn more.

See you in October!