The Art at Mayo Clinic

Art is an important part of healing.  It isn't easy to quantify, but human creativity inspires the human spirit.

Charles and William Mayo understood this and have always included art and creativity as an integral part of the Mayo Clinic medical facilities.


Everything about the Gonda Building invites creativity.  The architecture utilizes soft curves and natural light.  

The atrium is dominated by a large sculpture called “Man and Freedom" by Ivan Mestrovic and speaks to the human spirit.


These are Joan Miro’s huge lithographs.  Supposedly, Miro painted them after not sleeping for an extended length of time.


This is one of my favorite pieces.  It is a depiction of a salmon fighting for its life and is called “Moment" by Gordon Gund. 

Gund has a degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa and he sculpts completely by touch and his art invites being touched.


This is a Rookwood Pottery tile water fountain that was preserved from one of the original Mayo buildings.

Mayo offers daily walking art tours for free.  If you have the opportunity, it is worth it.  There is much more to see than what is presented here.