Nye's Polonaise Room


Nye's Polonaise Room is a neighborhood bar & restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis.

Nye's hasn't changed an iota in 50 years.  In 1996 Esquire Magazine recognized Nye's as "the best bar in America" because of this authenticity.

From the front, the restaurant is on the left, the bar is on the right.

This visit is all about the restaurant.


Polonaise is a Polish dance and this is a Polish nightclub.  It is unpretentious and honest about what it is.

And a big part of what it is, is the sing along pinao bar located at the back of the restaurant.

It is what it is and it has never not been anything else.


There is a charming 'rat pack' vibe as soon as you enter the dining room, which is a sea of red carpeting and shiny tufted booths.


You dress up to go out to Nye's on a Friday night.  This is a special occasion establishment.


The gold booths in the back allow an open and elevated view of the entire dining room. 

In it's heyday, it was a place to see and to be seen.


There is a small restaurant bar and the consistent Nye's style is carried right down to the bar napkins.


More with the tufts.  The ceiling lights are a mosaic of color glass chips.

And note the television.  A flat screen tv wouldn't make any sense in this room.


Al Nye was just as authentic as his restaurant. He bought the bar in 1950 and worked very hard selling beer and Polish sausages until he could build his dream restaurant in 1964.

He came from working class roots, but he had a real sense of the nightclub style.

Al sold the Polonaise Room in 1994 and died in 2004.

Well done Al.