Winter in Red Wing...


There are a couple of maxims about winter in Minnesota.

First, let's define when winter begins; winter begins (by my definition) when the first snowfall doesn't melt right away.  It can begin as early as late October, but usually it is by the first week in December.

The first winter maxim is how pretty a fresh snowfall can be.  Immediately after a snowfall (or even during) everything becomes white and surfaces are highlighted.


Statues, signs and shrubbery all make excellent subjects after a fresh snowfall.


The second maxim is typically the weather after a snowfall will become cold and clear.  This creates some crisp photographic opportunities.  In January, the full moon is the Wolf Moon and it is the moon closest to the earth during the year.


This is as cold as I ever remember.  Weather extremes are interesting because they are extreme, but it doesn't make it pleasant.


And the third and final maxim about winter is that eventually winter reveals itself for what it really is, cold and unforgiving.