A sneak peek


Custom wrapped fabric mats is a new product that we are working on for 2014.  There are several things that we really like about it:

1) It reaches back into our custom framing history.  Red Wing Framing & Fine Art Printing continues to be the rock of our business model and we have always enjoyed the hands-on aspects of custom framing.

2) Custom wrapped fabric mats provides another product option for our passionate photography customer base.  Our customers have an expectation of quality and uniqueness and this product aligns perfectly with that expectation.

3) It breathes quality.  We can use nearly any fabric and the luxury fabrics such as silk and high thread count woven fabrics work especially well.

But there are challenges to this product as well:

1) It is a touchy product.  It requires detailed and delicate handling.

2) It requires a significant capital equipment investment.  We have already made this investment, so we feel comfortable with this aspect moving forward.

3) How to maintain a simple user and intuitive interface, yet still provide complete customization?

We will be deliberate in our development.  Our plate is pretty full going into 2014, but this will be a priority.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.  Please use the contact page.