"No Coors, No Bud. Get Over It." 


The Casino Bar in La Crosse, Wisconsin has been closed since June 2009.  It isn't looking too good these days and a re-opening is in doubt.

The immediate previous owner (until June 2009) was named Don Padesky and Padesky was as stubborn as any Czech-Polack you could find. 

I don't know if Don is still alive.  If he is, he is old, or at least has lived an old life.  I haven't seen Don for several years and when I did, he was crippled with arthritis and tethered to a tank of oxygen. And still holding court in his bar.

The oxygen tank was the only reason he banned smoking in The Casino.  He was afraid he might explode in a ball of fire.

Don was proud of his past battles with nearly everything. 

From what I could gather, shortly after he opened the bar (30 years ago?), he got into an argument with the Anheuser-Busch salesman. He vowed never to carry their product. 

Then he got into a different argument with a Miller salesman and vowed never to carry their product.  And then another argument.  And another.

Needless to say, Don only carried the most obscure brands of beer.  Which meant he attracted a unique demographic, most of which was drawn to the combative and contrarian stylings of the owner.

Obstinacy.  A curious business strategy.

To be continued…