Release your inner zombie...

One of the real benefits of this business (and there are many) is working with young and talented individuals over a number of years.  Meghan Sitek is a terrific example.

Meghan began coming to the shop when she was still in high school.  She was partial to creative and experimental photography and over time she became involved in the film industry, especially with theatrical and prosthetic make-up.

Now Meghan is a professional freelance makeup artist and photographer and her creative nature is obvious.

Given that this time of year is Halloween and the in-vogue nature of all things zombies, Meghan has generously offered to share some make-up tips to look your undead best.

And when you are finished reading this, visit Meghan's facebook page and her web site at Megan Lee Artistry.

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Barbara O'Brien; guest blog

Somtimes the talent finds the niche, sometimes the niche finds the talent.

Barbara O'Brien works in the unique niche of lifestyle animal photography. And I cannot be more flattered to share her talents as our first guest blogger.

Barbara has the unique talent of exposing the inner personality of her subjects, whether it be canine, feline, equine or fowl.  Barbara speaks their language and they speak back.

First, visit her web site and then visit (and like) her facebook page.  Then, come back here and  learn how to make your pup look their best when taking their portrait.

I love my Bear the Wonder Dog as much as he loves me, so this is a topic that is near and dear to me.

And stay tuned to all of our guest photographgers/bloggers.

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