The new printer

It was uncomfortably exciting unloading the new printer, but with the help of friends and neighbors, it is safely in the shop.

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0 Comments | Posted 9/12/14 2:02 PM By John Becker in Panel prints

New edge colors

It isn't a cure for cancer and it probably won't make the front page of the New York Times, but it is an important step in the evolution of the Panel Print.

A colored edge provides just the right accent to the image and emphasizes the 'levitation' of the image away from the wall.  This added benefit is provided at no charge and is available in black, ivory (off-white) and silver gray. 

Additional colors will be added over time.

This is the first in a series of product improvements.  Look for more media and laminate options as well as a customer-driven custom sizing.

But learn for yourself.

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0 Comments | Posted 6/25/11 12:19 PM By John Becker in Panel prints