bear-smUnwilling subjects...

Bear the Wonder Dog never asked to be a perpetual photography model. 

But the only way a photographer can improve as a photographer is to continually shoot photographs.  And every photograph requires a subject, either willing or unwilling.

And the best subjects are animate subjects, either a pet or a child, mostly because of their availability and dependability.

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Barbara O'Brien; guest blog

Somtimes the talent finds the niche, sometimes the niche finds the talent.

Barbara O'Brien works in the unique niche of lifestyle animal photography. And I cannot be more flattered to share her talents as our first guest blogger.

Barbara has the unique talent of exposing the inner personality of her subjects, whether it be canine, feline, equine or fowl.  Barbara speaks their language and they speak back.

First, visit her web site and then visit (and like) her facebook page.  Then, come back here and  learn how to make your pup look their best when taking their portrait.

I love my Bear the Wonder Dog as much as he loves me, so this is a topic that is near and dear to me.

And stay tuned to all of our guest photographgers/bloggers.

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