The Impact of the Edge

The devil is alway in the details and coming up with an appropriate edge coloring process took longer than it should.  But it had to meet certain requirements:

+ No damage to the image itself.  Since the image is the delivered product, nothing that could cause long term damage can be tolerated.  This includes anything the could 'wick' up below the image or damage the underlying panel.

+ It also had to be stable, archival and pH neutral.

+ And it had to provide both a pleasing aesthetic and some sealing aspects to the edge.  It isn't designed to provide edge protection, but if it did, that was just an added bonus.

In the end, a good old-fashioned painter's acrylic fit the bill exactly.

'Iowa City Ice Storm' provides a good example of the impact of the colored edge.  It helps finish the edge and provides separation between the image and the wall.  Ivory white was selected in this case because of the overall tonality of the image.  It helps emphasize the 'wintery-ness' of the image.

An interesting contrast between the black and ivory edge colors is below.  'Maiden Rock Train Crossing' is a gritty image and the black edge helps contribute to the grittiness.  It is a dark image and a white edge would simply not be appropriate.  It is also interesting when mounted above the "Iowa City Ice Storm" and you can get an appreciation for the impact differences.