1st cutting...


Things are very lush around here. 

Almost too lush.

It has been raining nearly every day, which is great for the crops if you can get into the fields. 

The ground is so saturated that trees are falling over because the ground is simply too wet to hold the roots. 


A friend was telling me that this is actually an indicator of a potential boom in the population of black bears. 

Bear families will use the earth pockets created by the root ball of the fallen tree as the perfect den to raise their family when they winter over.

Good for the bears.

Here at the shop we have been focused on finishing the Acrylic Print design and sharing the progress with potential partners.


We are very excited about the final design.  It represents a quality-first approach to overall construction and it provides a superior imaging experience.

We have evaluated and reevaluated components based on performance.  We have also focused on building a product that can be repeatedly and efficiently produced.


It is a product of substance and a product that we are very proud to offer.

So, at this time of the year, we feel good about where we are, but also understand that some of the real challenges are still ahead.