The Beauty of the Flaw


Not every photograph needs to be completely in focus or even properly exposed. 

A self-challenging photographer will try all kinds of exposure combinations and orientations to the sun.  Don't worry about the rules that have been seared into your mind and actually make an effort to break a few rules.

The circles in the boxcar is dried water spots on the front lens element. 

Broken rule #1; keep your equipment clean.

Perfectly flawed.


Inclement weather is a fine-art photographer's best friend.  It might be an ice storm outside your car, but from inside your car it is a terrific photography opportunity.

Broken rule #2; don't shoot through glass.


This image is too noisy, out of focus, and there is lens flair on the right side. 

But once you realize it is the North Shore of Lake Superior looking back towards Duluth, it becomes cold, uncomfortable and interesting.

And there is no higher compliment for a photograph than to be interesting.

Broken rule #3; use a tripod for long exposures.

Perfectly flawed.