The flood run

When shooting in a crowded environment with a lot of activity going on, try to find a solitary element or isolate an element with a long lens.  The beauty of shooting in a busy atmosphere is you have plenty of subject choices, but don't try to capture everything in a single shot.


This shot only happened because I was patient enough for it to come to me.  I probably took several dozen shots before I was lucky enough to find an attractive biker (harder than you might think) isolated on the track crossing and perfectly centered.  It isn't apparent from this shot, but there was plenty of activity on both sides of the tracks, immediately off-camera.                      

It is kind of a cliche shot, but I still like to park a truck on the route and shoot into the rear-view mirror.


The bikers ride slow in town, so it is a good opportunity to get on your belly and shoot up into the bikes.  This is called the 'majestic' photo angle for obvious reasons.


Kind of a busy shot, but it captures the biker culture on many levels.  The bad-ass loner.


Photographers will tell you that one of the more challenging shots is a panning of a moving object.  Not only do you have to pan at the same speed of the bike, the shutter speed has to be slow enough to capture a true background blur.  This isn't perfect, but as close as I got on this day.


I am not sure having the Hulk reaching for my crotch is what I would want to look at on a regular basis, but you have to admire the creativity several of these bikes exhibit.


And of course, no biker rally would be complete without the long arm of the law making it's presence known.