A 114 degree heat index

The heat index is a combination of air temperature and dew point.  Lately we have been experiencing record high dew points, which makes for miserable weather.  It is impossible to find comfort anywhere outside in this weather.

But mentally we can always relax with some imagery from the winter.


Bear the Wonder Dog is built for winter weather.  He has an extremely thick fur coat and he is absolutely in his element when the elements are cold and dry.


The Eisenhower Bridge connects Red Wing to Wisconsin. It is old and narrow, but it has this utilitarian charm.  The Mississippi River rarely freezes over any more because of a nearby nuclear power plant and the warm water discharge.


One of the best parts about winter light is how low it is.  This makes for dramatic shadows and deep polarized skies.  These horses were just outside New Trier, MN.


This is a good example of what happens if you wait just a couple of hours too long to get out there and take photos.  A few hours earlier this snow would have been completely unbroken and the light longer and lower.

When you snooze, you really do lose.