Leading lines lead lively lives…

Leading lines are a favorite photography composition technique.  It pulls the viewer into the image and creates drama that might nor otherwise exist.

Leading lines are everywhere and easy to find.  You just need to be aware of how a slight adjustment of your photography point of view can include or accentuate a leading line.


Trains are almost too easy of a leading line subject.  Train tracks just beg to be used as leading line elements.


Sometimes it is more subtle, such as the line of lights or the edge of the bar or even the line-up of bar rummies.


Sometimes the only interesting aspect of an image is the leading lines.  And in this case, the image is still boring. Roads, like train tracks, are almost too easy.


Here is an example of a leading line that that begins as a curve and becomes nearly vertical.  Vertical leading lines lack the tension that diagonal lines create, but in this case it helps the eye in an otherwise chaotic image.


This photo uses a leading line to lead you out of the image.  The road on the upper left pulls the viewer right out of town and out of the image.

Improve your skills.  The next time you compose in the view finder, look for an attractive leading line to include.