The Pop-Out-Print

The Pop-Out-Print has been a really fun project to develop.

Part of why it is fun is that it is really a combination of two mature products to create an altogether new product.

We have been framing since 2001 and up until now all of our frame designs involve mounting the image in the frame from behind.

With the Pop-Out-Print the image is mounted from the front and secured in place with Velcro strips.

As long as the image is mounted to a stiff substrate or superstrate (like the Acrylic Prints), than it is a simply a matter of 'popping out' the old image to be replaced with a new image.

The Pop-Out-Print is perfect for exhibiting photographers or any commercial space that needs a consistently fresh and contemporary look.

The Velcro velvet strip is applied to the inside of the box frame rabbet and the Velcro hooks are attached to the back of the Acrylic Print.