Rochester Framing & Fine Art Printing

This was supposed to happen in 2008, but apparently the Lehman Brothers had other ideas.

The first six months of 2008 were amazing.  It seemed like all of the hard work was going to pay off and there was no reason to believe the second six months would be any different than the first six months.

But it was.


Once the financial crisis really began to take hold, it was scary.  Business was paralyzed and nobody was thinking about expanding their businesses.

We did likewise.  We shelved any plans to grow our business and simply put our head down and hung on.

Eventually we launched Red Wing Digital (this site) in an effort to expand our market without making a real estate investment.

Over time, confidence grew and in late 2013 we decided to physically grow by expanding into the Rochester market.

It took longer than we planned, but this past September we quietly opened.

Stay tuned.  The 2008 confidence is beginning to return.