Shoptime in the Springtime


It begins innocently enough.  A moulding vendor stops by and shows off some exciting new frame styles.  And then she notices some discontinued samples on the wall.

It doesn't take long before every sample is pulled off the wall and the entire wall is reorganized to be more efficient.

This is an annual and non-trivial event.  The difference this year is that since we are adding some new products, some new equipment needed to be added and the entire shop needed a new layout.


The first step was to add some mounting and laminating equipment.  We have been vacuum and dry mounting for ten years and it is still the gold standard when it come to mounting.

The issue with vacuum mounting has always been with the limitations of the substrates. 

Now we can enjoy the best of both worlds and add some new techniques.


Over time we have developed an odd reputation as the paparazzi of the delivery community.  That's ok, because they take good care of us, so we take good care of them.

This is our fourth generation of printing technology.  We have come to learn to value reliability and cost of operation issues more than dpi arguments.   HP vs. Epson.  Canon vs. Nikon. Windows vs. Linux.  It goes on and on.

All printers do a good job.  That is a given. It is a tool and a tool is only as good as the operator.

We are ramping up a couple of exciting developments.  Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.