Vase with Gladioli and China Asters, 1886

Vincent van Gogh

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New products, Summer 2013

This summer we are delighted to introduce two new products and a new product option.

The first two new products are actually resized versions of the original Acrylic Prints.

An 8"x10" and and 11"x14" size will soon be available.

A customer had requested this.  It was very well received and has been a popular product. it  also creates some wonderful and affordable panorama opportunities (more about that later).

The new product option is the table-top Acrylic Print option.  This will be available on-line within the next week.

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1st_cutting-smFirst cutting

Here in the upper Midwest, July 1st represents several milestones. 

The first hay cutting of the year has taken place.  This will be the largest cut for the year.

Summer usually has completely arrived and you have had at least one picnic break.

And you either have a sense of accomplishment or are challenged by unfinished projects.

For a small business it is an opportunity to reflect on the year so far and the balance of the year to come.

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Why is this guy smiling?

Maybe because this web site has finally been updated.

But the likelier answer is that he is simply a happy guy. 

He was delivering some equipment and wasn't used to being the photographic center of attention.  The irony of this photo was that it was posted on the framing Facebook page right after it was taken and he happened to see it.  It really is a small world.

It has been very busy here at the shop nonetheless.  We are rearranging everything to ramp up a new product line.  This equipment delivery was a key part of this process.

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