Small Wall Gallery

It only measures 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide, but 25,000 cars drive past every day.

The Train Invitational initiated the idea that we needed some dedicated art gallery space.

The Small Wall Gallery will be launched in the next week or so and we couldn't be more excited.

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Red Wing from the air

Red Wing is just as photogenic from the air as it is from the ground.

Photographs hardly do the 'Red Wing from the Air' experience justice, but here are a few tips if you have the opportunity to do some aerial photography.

A few simple tips can make your aerial photography experience a satisfying adventure.

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Winter in Red Wing

Winter in Red Wing is inevitable. 

It doesn't mean you have to welcome it or despise it.  It is simply a fact of life in this part of the world.

It does, however, offer it's own photogenic opportunities.

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Release your inner zombie...

One of the real benefits of this business (and there are many) is working with young and talented individuals over a number of years.  Meghan Sitek is a terrific example.

Meghan began coming to the shop when she was still in high school.  She was partial to creative and experimental photography and over time she became involved in the film industry, especially with theatrical and prosthetic make-up.

Now Meghan is a professional freelance makeup artist and photographer and her creative nature is obvious.

Given that this time of year is Halloween and the in-vogue nature of all things zombies, Meghan has generously offered to share some make-up tips to look your undead best.

And when you are finished reading this, visit Meghan's facebook page and her web site at Megan Lee Artistry.

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Shadows and silhouttes

Contre-jour is a photography technique in which the camera is pointed towards a light source.  This creates a backlit effect and hides details, causes a stronger contrast between light and dark.  It emphasizes forms and shapes and minimizes details.

Shooting in shadows is similar, but it considered more of a low-key effect as opposed to a true silhouette

In any case, it forces the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the details that cannot be seen.  And any photograph that forces the viewer to think just a bit longer is an effective photograph.

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Leading Lines

Leading lines are a favorite photography composition technique.  It pulls the viewer into the image and creates drama that might nor otherwise exist.

Leading lines are everywhere and easy to find.  You just need to be aware of how a slight adjustment of your photography point of view can include or accentuate a leading line.

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How to manipulate time...

There are two ways to manipulate time.

The first is to locate a wormhole.  A wormhole is a portal in the universe that allow a "short cut" in time.  A wormhole allows an individual to travel either forward or backward in time.  Outside of 'Star Trek', wormholes exist in theory only.  So let's assume this is not a practical option.

The second and more practical option is with either short exposure or long exposure time-lapse photography. 

This edition of Small Talk will provide a simple 'how to' in taking a long exposure photograph.

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Vignetting and portion control

Pretty pictures are just that; pictures of a slice of time.  Fine-art photography has additional elements and one of these elements can be vignetting.

Vignetting takes place when the outer edges are darker than the center, which creates "hot spots" and the eye is pulled towards the center.  Many years ago vignetting was considered an image flaw and an artifact of cheap lenses and cheap filters.  

Today, for many situations it can be a desired effect, but like anything else, it can also be abused.

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Time for a Max Becherer update...

It has 18 months since the last Max Becherer update. Just to refresh, we came to know Max five years ago when we hosted his photojournalism exhibit entitled "Through the lens; Life in Iraq". Max has been in Iraq since the very beginning of the conflict (remember "shock and awe"?) and has seen action in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Gaza.

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