The Pop-Out-Print

We are developing a new product called the Pop-Out-Print.

The Pop-Out-Print is a mounted image (either a Panel Print or an Acrylic Print) nested in a box frame. 

What makes this product unique is that the image is mounted into the frame from the front, which makes switching the image out a matter of 'popping out' the old image.

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Sneak-peek-smA sneak peek

There are a few constants in this business and one of them is that it is important to never stop innovating.

Three years ago we introduced the Panel Print.  This is designed as an affordable and unique wall display package.

This year we introduced the Acrylic Print.  This is a high end product that is contemporary and built with substance.

For 2014 we are kicking around a couple of ideas and we are looking for feedback from our clients and partners.

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New products, Summer 2013

This summer we are delighted to introduce two new products and a new product option.

The first two new products are actually resized versions of the original Acrylic Prints.

An 8"x10" and and 11"x14" size will soon be available.

A customer had requested this.  It was very well received and has been a popular product. it  also creates some wonderful and affordable panorama opportunities (more about that later).

The new product option is the table-top Acrylic Print option.  This will be available on-line within the next week.

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