Unwilling subjects...


Bear the Wonder Dog has been a regular subject of my photography ever since he has entered my life.  He is naturally photogenic by virtue of his strong personality.


Bear is the second from the right with his legs extended. 

I learned from watching the pups feed how a dog becomes the alpha and how a pup becomes the runt. The alpha dog figures out early that the front tit has the most milk.  This allows the pup to grow faster and consequently command the front tit and continue to grow faster.  It works right down the line, whereas the the last tit pup is usually the runt. 

Bear was one above being the litter runt, but I think he learned to develop strong social skills to make up for his physical size.


This will become a reoccuring image of Bear. 

Bear likes odors and likes rolling in things with odors. This was his first bath and he was not a happy pup about losing all of those delicious odors.


Bear has more personality that any dog I have ever met.  He is infectiously happy and has a genuine sense of humor.  He loves to tease anybody as soon as he learns what it is that will get a reaction from you. 

There have been several occasions when he will run as fast as he can towards some kids sliding down a hill and grab a stocking cap off a little kid in full stride.  And then the game of 'keep away' begins in full earnest.


Bear is the master of this domain.  He knows this Bogus Creek farm better than any creature alive.  He grew up here and has spent thousands of hours exploring the woods and the fields.


Like most dogs, he is on high alert when he is outside.  Bear is very well trained and will always come on command, but there has been a mutual understanding over time that as he has gotten older, the discipline is not as strict.


Bear also likes to hunt.  I am guessing he came across a den of wild turkeys and managed to grab one.  A dog will always be a dog.


Bear is a creature of the water.  He really isn't a very good swimmer because he has such a thick coat, but he is unafraid of any water.


When it comes to basking in odors, there is no substitute for a stagnent mud pool.


And again with the reoccuring theme. 

Bear is no youngster anymore.  He just had his 11th birthday and he has his good days and then he has days in which he has to sleep for an entire day after a long day at the farm. 

But he still has his sense of humor and will grab your sock right off your foot and ran away. 

And he never minds being the subject of my photographs.