Various and sundry...

Photography for photography's sake.

Forget the 'rules of the third' or 'color + composition' or any of the rules that you are supposed to follow.  Photography is just about having fun and the emotions and memories it evokes.

This entry is a grab bag of images, selected almost entirely at random.


Vik Church in Vik, Iceland is a regular photography subject for visitors to Iceland.  it is on the southern tip of Iceland on a black sand beach. 

It is nearly impossible to take a bad photo in Iceland.  The light is extremely long, the greens are spectacular and there is usually some atmosphere to help add drama.


This is where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs. The 21,000 seat LDS Conference Center is massive and is a photo of significance because it has the impression of being very large when it is nearly empty.

This is part of the public tour of the Mormon campus in Salt Lake City.  it was very clean and everybody was very polite and it had this odd air about being there. Kind of a weirdness, espcially in this nearly vacant auditorium.


Runyon's Bar, downtown Minneapolis.  The photo was taken from the sidewalk, through the front window (hence the bicycle reflections).  It has this peculiar quietness about it, despite the obvious hubbub of being in a bar.


"Art + Fire" 2009, Stockholm, Wisconsin.  This was a purely creative event, in which a wooden dragon was burned to the ground by tribal fire dancers.  The circle is the eye of the dragon.